Internet of things

Our company focuses on making buildings smarter and more eco-friendly. We use special systems to monitor and reduce energy use, helping you save on bills. Our team also analyses how everything in your building works, aiming to make it all run more efficiently. We pay special attention to air quality, using sensors to keep the air clean and healthy. Our smart lighting solutions adjust themselves to save energy, and we have technology to quickly spot and fix water leaks, preventing waste. We're always exploring new ways to improve buildings, making them better for the environment and for the people inside. Choose us to make your building more efficient and sustainable.

Air Quality

How do you know if the air quality in your building is good? How do you know if there's too much carbon dioxide in the air? The answer to both questions lies in knowing how much CO2 there is. That’s why we built our new Smart Air Quality Monitor With Ventilation Status Alarm, which lets you know how much CO2 there is in your building so you can take action to improve the air quality or reduce your CO2 footprint. Our simple-to-use system will alert you when the air quality isn't good and allow you to track historical data about the CO2 levels in your building over time.

Meter Master AI

Are you looking for an efficient way to manage your utility bills and extract key information without the hassle of manual data entry? Our AI-powered utility bill reading service is the solution you need. Using cutting-edge technology, our service accurately reads and extracts crucial data from your utility bills, including MPAN numbers, billing periods, meter types, total consumption, costs, and more. This data is then seamlessly converted into an Excel file, allowing for easy manipulation and analysis. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, our AI service streamlines the process of utility bill management, saving you time and reducing the risk of human error. Embrace the power of AI and transform the way you handle your utility bills with our user-friendly and efficient service.

Building's Well-being

Introducing our innovative Building Well-being Service, designed to revolutionise the way you experience your workspace. At the heart of our service is a commitment to not just the efficiency of your building, but also the health and happiness of its occupants. We employ cutting-edge technology to optimise air quality, lighting, and temperature, ensuring a comfortable and productive environment. Our smart systems seamlessly adapt to occupancy patterns, reducing energy consumption while enhancing comfort. With real-time monitoring and data-driven insights, we provide a workspace that not only meets sustainability standards but also boosts the well-being of everyone within. Choose our Building Well-being Service for a workspace that cares for the planet and its people.

Smart Occupancy

Designed to enhance energy efficiency and optimise workspace utilization, this solution employs state-of-the-art sensors and analytics to monitor and respond to real-time occupancy levels. Whether it's adjusting lighting, temperature, or air quality, our system seamlessly integrates with your existing HVAC and lighting systems, ensuring a comfortable environment while significantly reducing energy costs. Ideal for modern offices, educational institutions, and public spaces, our Smart Occupancy Solution not only contributes to a sustainable future but also provides a data-driven approach to managing your space effectively. Embrace innovation and efficiency with our Smart Occupancy Solution, where technology meets sustainability.

Last Man Button

Designed to power down all non-essential services with a single press, this innovative button ensures that computers, kitchen appliances, printers, and other non-critical devices are switched off when the last person leaves the building. Not only does this enhance security by reducing the risk of electrical hazards, but it also significantly cuts down on energy consumption, lowering your utility bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Ideal for offices, schools, and other commercial spaces, the Last Man Button is an effortless way to promote responsible energy use and ensure your premises are safe and efficient after hours. Embrace the future of smart building management with this simple, yet transformative solution.

Energy Usage

Our energy monitoring services provide you with real-time insights into your energy usage, helping you identify areas for cost savings and efficiency improvements. We empower businesses and homeowners alike to take control of their energy consumption, reducing environmental impact while optimizing operational costs. Our tailored solutions, backed by cutting-edge technology and expert analysis, ensure that you're not just saving energy, but also paving the way for a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

BMS Data Analytics

If you’re looking to reduce energy costs and waste, BMS Data Analytics can be an essential tool to getting those savings you’ve been looking for. It provides an in-depth overview of how your building uses its energy, whether you’re looking at HVAC or lighting, ventilation, or power loads. With comprehensive data points on energy production and usage broken down by location, time of day, and resource type, it’s easy to see what areas are using the most energy and when you can expect the highest energy demand to occur in your building.

Temperature Monitoring

If you’re in the business of running commercial or industrial buildings and facilities, you know that being able to keep an eye on the temperature and other conditions (like humidity) in your spaces can be a challenge. Temperature controls often need to be customized to the unique layout of each space, and it’s challenging to get accurate data when the temperature sensors are scattered throughout different parts of your building(s). DataOut has developed an innovative system that addresses all these issues with their temperature monitoring system.

Water Leak Detection

Wireless water leak sensors are small, easy to use devices that monitor and report on water leaks anywhere in your home, office or business. They are ideal for monitoring leakage from heating devices, air conditioning systems, dishwashers, washing machines, pumps and refrigerators. So small they can be easily installed behind appliances, under sinks or in hard-to-reach locations, they send real-time alerts to your smartphone or tablet when they detect leaks so you can fix them before they become costly disasters.

Smart Lighting

Picture a lighting system that intelligently adjusts its brightness based on the natural light available, and presence of occupants, significantly reducing your energy costs. Beyond energy savings, our Smart Lighting enhances the ambiance of your space, improving the wellbeing and productivity of everyone within it. With easy integration into existing systems and user-friendly controls, you can manage your lighting preferences effortlessly. Make the switch to our Smart Lighting Solutions today and experience the perfect blend of aesthetics, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology, illuminating the future of your space.

EcoFlow Water Management

Are you looking to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of your commercial building's water system? Our cutting-edge Water Flushing Service is the solution you need. Tailored for commercial buildings, our service ensures your water systems operate at peak efficiency, reducing the risk of legionella and other bacteria, and conserving water. Our expert team uses the latest technology to monitor and manage water usage, ensuring optimal flow and temperature. This not only ensures compliance with health and safety standards but also significantly reduces your water and energy bills. Embrace a smarter, greener approach to water management and make a positive impact on both the environment and your bottom line. Contact us today to revolutionise your water system's performance and sustainability.

Sustainable Heat Utilization

To enhance energy efficiency in your building, a smart solution involves recovering heat from pumps and motors located in the plant room. Typically, these mechanical systems generate considerable heat during operation, which is often wasted. By integrating a heat recovery system, this excess heat can be captured and redirected back into the building's heating system. This process not only reduces the energy required for heating but also lowers the overall operational costs. By leveraging smart building technologies, such as data analysis and Business Intelligence tools, the system can optimally manage the heat distribution based on real-time building needs, ensuring maximum energy savings and comfort for occupants. This solution is a sustainable approach, significantly reducing the building's carbon footprint and aligning with energy reduction goals.

Green Office Comfort

When a person occupies a desk or a section of the office, the sensor triggers the AC or VRV system to activate, thereby providing cooling only in the areas where it's needed. This approach ensures that energy is not wasted cooling unoccupied spaces. Additionally, it creates a more comfortable working environment, as the temperature is regulated based on actual occupancy. This intelligent system seamlessly integrates with existing building management systems (BMS) like Trend and Niagara framework, enhancing overall efficiency and contributing to significant energy savings.

Remote Access

VPN (Virtual Private Network) and Zero Trust are two different methods for providing safe, trusted access to your corporate network. Both have their place, depending on the needs of your business, but as these two technologies begin to overlap in functionality and requirements, it’s important to know how they differ and which is more appropriate to your company’s security needs and budget. In this article, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between VPN and Zero Trust. We’ll outline when one might be more appropriate than the other and how you can implement both of them effectively in your company security strategy.

Waste Management

Elevate your building's efficiency and environmental responsibility with our cutting-edge Waste Management Solutions. Our service not only streamlines the disposal process but also significantly reduces your environmental footprint. By integrating smart bin technology, we ensure that waste collection is only as frequent as necessary, cutting down on unnecessary pickups and reducing carbon emissions. Our system not only sorts and manages waste more effectively but also provides valuable data to optimize waste reduction strategies. With our solution, you're not just disposing of waste; you're adopting a smarter, cleaner, and more sustainable approach to waste management. Make the switch today and join the forefront of eco-conscious building management.

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