What are the most common energy-related issues?

When we hear about energy consumption, or high energy bills, we often think of heating and cooling issues. But those are only a portion of what can cause high energy costs. Lighting is another common issue, as well as appliances such as water heaters and furnaces. In fact, lighting is responsible for more than 10% of all residential electricity use. So if you’re looking to reduce your power bill or get greener overall with your home or business property, consider a visual energy survey dashboard like DataOut that helps identify which assets need to be replaced in order to reduce consumption and save money on your utility bills over time.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure

It’s easy to see how an energy survey of your facility can help you identify key areas for improvement, but you need a platform that makes it easy to understand and act on those insights. This is where our Dashboard comes in. With one view of your facilities information, now you can quickly find out where your money goes (and which devices consume it). Our Dashboard helps with performance management and energy savings programs. See what happens when we use our Energy surveys and Dashboard together: we've identified more than $1 million in cost savings across over 50 different projects since implementing them across multiple company locations.

Why we need energy savings

Energy is one of your biggest expenses as a business. With energy prices constantly rising, it's important to do what you can to keep those costs down. Reducing your energy use through an energy audit will ensure that you're getting as much value from your current investments in equipment and operations. An energy survey dashboard provides all your critical building data in one place so you can easily identify high-energy use areas and make informed decisions on where to focus your efforts first.

How does an energy survey work?

Energy surveys work by measuring your building’s energy consumption in different areas and then comparing them to industry averages. That comparison gives you a benchmark so you can see how much energy you are using, how much is typical and what steps to take next. The easiest way to understand how an energy survey works is with an example: say your office uses more energy than others with comparable square footage. This means you’ll want to figure out why that extra use is happening—is it a problem with lighting? Air conditioning? The building overall? With software powered by smart sensors, it's easy for a professional to analyze your business's energy usage and identify where action needs to be taken.

The benefits of an energy survey

Energy surveys aren’t just for large companies. Small businesses and nonprofits can also benefit from energy surveys. They can provide a great picture of how much energy you use, where you use it, and what you can do to reduce consumption without spending a fortune on energy-saving upgrades. With more access to affordable technology and cost-effective products that reduce energy consumption, it’s never been easier to track your buildings’ energy consumption with minimal effort. Energy survey dashboards (or energy dashboards) offer visualized breakdowns of building areas to help business owners see where they need improvement.

How to get started

This may seem like a lot of information, but don’t worry! Start by taking an energy survey in your building. The results will be automatically uploaded to our Energy Dashboard and you can see how you compare to similar buildings nationwide. You'll receive customized recommendations based on your specific energy use so that you can begin reducing your consumption. By following through with these recommendations and taking surveys annually, you can ensure that your building is efficient year after year.

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