About BMS Analytics

Smart home analytics combined with energy management systems (EMS) add efficiency, comfort, and cost-savings to any house or commercial building. But there are still a lot of questions surrounding these types of systems: How well is my building performing? Is it even getting installed correctly? What if I want to make some changes later on? The BMS analytic dashboard can provide answers to all these questions. This automated system gathers data from multiple sources in real time and shows that information in visually appealing ways through dashboards and reports. As soon as you connect your EMS to our system via Internet, you’ll see how every single metric compares with previous levels. Then, when there’s an issue that needs resolving or an upgrade you’d like to make, we can take care of everything for you! BMS analytic uses a cloud solution so no matter where you live around the world, you will always have access to our service through its intuitive interface.

How does it work?

BMS Data Analytics is a web service that provides feedback on multiple components found within a BMS or CHP system such as heating, cooling, ventilation, hot water, pumps and any other devices. With BMS Analytic you can get real time data on energy consumption to identify problematic areas allowing you to find ways to improve efficiency within your system. By tracking energy consumption over time you can develop better methods of managing usage which also enables users to accurately identify savings. The dashboard can be customized according to requirements so if there are certain aspects you don't want to see simply hide them from view leaving only those parts relevant for you at that particular time visible.

The major benefits

The BMS Data Analytics is designed to give you real time information about any building’s operations. It tracks everything from equipment performance, performance history, and current configuration to historical energy consumption data, as well as estimates on future energy use and cost savings projections. When one device malfunctions or another, it is immediately clear what type of problem occurred based on how energy consumption has changed over time since a baseline was established for that device or set of devices (in various configurations). The dashboard will also send alerts if current conditions are out of normal operating parameters—allowing you to address potential problems before they become major ones—so that you can respond quickly when things go wrong...keeping expensive repairs down while improving efficiency!

The software dashboard

The BMS Data Analytics is a quick way to get a snapshot of everything happening within your building's assets. From current energy usage to power outages, you'll be able to immediately see what's going on at any given time. Are there problems? Are things operating efficiently? Get answers to all of these questions with just one glance. And if something doesn't look right, click through for more information or contact our support team directly. It's a simple way to monitor everything that matters while allowing you to spend less time fretting over energy consumption and more time enjoying the benefits of data analytics.

The Complete Solution

DataOut key value is service excellence - we pride ourselves on treating all customers exactly as we would want to be treated ourselves. That means working closely with you from start to finish, addressing all issues promptly and professionally regardless of whether they're minor or major. You can rely on us to offer expert knowledge, innovative thinking and practical know-how so that your IoT project will be efficiently deployed while meeting exacting standards of quality.

We’re available for consultation and to answer any questions you may have about our IOT solutions, or how we can support your existing BMS hardware and software. Just fill out a request online using one of our contact forms (either of them), and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you prefer, simply call us on (+44)7427392233.

Once we’ve set up a meeting, we’ll discuss your individual requirements in more detail and discover how we can support you in deploying IoT technology to enable remote monitoring and control of your equipment. In some cases, there may be no charge for our time or for any software licenses needed for specific projects; in others, we might propose a full-service solution with clear costs identified from the outset (if you choose to go ahead with that option). You’ll always know exactly what you’re paying for, so there are no hidden charges or nasty surprises, which is another area where DataOut sets itself apart from other providers.